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№ 02 / 2013 Summary


Melnikova L.V., Novosibirsk
Strategies of Development or Acquirement: what is Left over?
The paper considers problems of the federal spatial policy concerning Far East. The expectations of Far Eastern federal subjects expressed in their strategic forecasts are compared to the intentions of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East. The orientation of the projects planned for creating infrastructures raises concerns about keeping course for the complex development of the region.
Regional strategies, strategic planning, Minvostokrazvitiya, targeting, growth forecasts

Zausaev V.K., Safronov M.G., Kruchak N.A., Vorobeva A.I., Khabarovsk
Immigration Sentiment in the Far East: Cannot Live Away
The most important factor in the economic development of any region is human. For the Far East, the importance of its worse, the vast majority of the territory is located in harsh climatic conditions that do not allow modern man to carry out a complete reproduction over the entire lifespan. There is a dilemma: to live or not live person on the Far East, to develop the territory and natural resources, based on a permanent or temporary population.
Òhe Far East, the types of population, area of residence, immigration sentiment, scenarios of migration policy

Schetinina I.V., Novosibirsk
Prospects of Development of APK in Siberia Associate with Science
The paper considers the current state and prospects of APK Siberia in Russia’s WTO accession. The necessity and feasibility of public support increasing the efficiency of production in APK and rural development, the transition to an innovative model of development, raising the profile of APK Siberia in Russian Federation.
Àgriculture, the WTO, government support, prospects and reserves development APK

Timoshenko V.P., Ekaterinburg
Megaproject on «Polar Ural – Industrial Ural» and Inertia of Soviet Time: Comparative Perspectives
The paper analyses continuity of the socio-economic development strategies for the Polar Ural and neighboring areas implemented in the XX century. We believe that it is important to know the strategies implemented and discussed in the past for planning further development of this region. Learning the practices of decision making, arguments for choosing projects, research and discussions on the scopes and results of projects implemented could be regarded as a necessary scientific base for building an expert knowledge base of current development plans.
Transportation infrastructure, integration, regional production complex, industrial policy

Tulokhonov A.K., Ulan-Ude
About Lake Baikal Price Again
The article represents reaction to article of Kolotilo L.G. «The price of Baikal» and the statements of some politicians which have followed it. The opinion of the author concerning such «estimates» of the Lake Baikal is reflected in article.
Lake Baikal, Baikal water, commercial usage

Tokarev A.N., Novosibirsk
How to Grow the Tomsk «Forest»?
The article presents problems for forestry development in the Tomsk region. We present the prospects for increasing capacity of timber processing for the main «players». Shown role of the state in the formation of conditions for effective development of the forestry sector.
Forest industry, timber processing, government incentives

Ivanov L.A., Astana, Kazakhstan
National Companies: The Reflection of the Global Corporate Management Crisis
For a long time, national companies were trying to enlarge, catch up with transnational corporations, and imitate them. Now we are close to the edge of the global corporate management crisis. It seems that it is time to find out the new, original ways for the large national property governing.
Corporate management, backbone national companies, professional elite

Nikolaev V.A., Pyatigorsk
Perspectives of Tax Powers Decentralization in Russia
The article explains the necessity of gradual decentralization of tax powers. Taking into account the existing tax system the author, using problem solution modeling of centralization in tax powers, examines different variations of tax competences delegation onto the municipal level and defines their optimal, to his mind, combination that is able to modernize the Russian system of tax powers.
Interbudget connections, economic interests, tax powers, tax yields, local budget

Turigin O.M., Ekaterinburg
Influence of the Iynternational Market of the Equity on Forming of Investment Resources of the Russian Economy
Attraction of external investment resources by Russia, in comparison by other similar countries, is the extremely inefficient. The most important reason of capital outflow is insufficient regulation of offshore transactions of a private sector. The positive trading balance potentially allows to create sufficient investment resources for economy upgrade.
Iinvestment resources, capital export, offshore companies

Kaluzskiy M.L., Omsk
Dropshipping – new Trading Revolution
Annotation: Article about the new form of trade in a network the Internet. Advantages of dropshipping open to the Russian manufacturers and businessmen new horizons in international trade and marketing. The author considers features of evolution and a role of dropshipping in electronic commerce of a new millennium.
Dropshipping, e-commerce, internet-marketing, e-trade

Gavrilyeva T.N.,Yakutsk
The Property Tax as the Basis of Expected Real Estate Tax
The paper presents the results of the analysis the normative and fiscal practice the tax on personal property of the Yakutsk city for 2008–2010. They are possible to formulate proposals to improve property taxation of individuals in the municipality, as well as a set of conclusions that can be used in developing normative base for the real estate tax, which brings together the property tax and land tax, the introduction of which in Russia is planned in 2013–2014.
The tax on individual property, tax exemptions, municipal budget

Ignatova T.V., Ivichev V.A., Moscow
The Technologies of Unstructured data Processing to Provision of Complete Analytical data and Identify Implicit and Abnormal Connections between the subjects of Political and Economic Spheres (on the Example of the open Information Sources, Including the Official Site zakupki.gov.ru)
This paper describes the issues of transparency and data analysis tools of public procurement, sets the tasks, by which quality of the public procurement process might be improved, propose the technologies to realization of the tasks. The main advantage of the proposed technologies is the automated process of provision of complete analytical data for different categories of the users: bidders in a public procurement, the state agencies that are responsible for monitoring of legislation and effectiveness of public procurement, civil society and political organizations, journalists, bloggers, etc.
Ðublic procurement, transparency, fraud detection, clustering, information system

Ivichev V.A., Ignatova T.V., Moscow
Technologies of Identification and Depersonalization of Data
The main objectives in the article are issues of personal information identification in arrays of unstructured information and depersonalization of personal information. Solution of problems of identification and depersonalizations of data in open sources can make a big leap in questions of expeditious identification of violations of such laws, as: the Federal law «About personal information» (No. 152-FL), the Federal law «About mass media (No. 2124-1-FL), the Federal law «About information, information technologies and information security» (No. 149-FL). The main advantage of these technologies is possibility of extraction from unstructured information by means of means of computational linguistics of objects (the person, a brand, the organization, geographical concept), their attributes and the facts connected with objects and also further linguistic and analytical processing of taken information. These technologies can be used in the information and analytical systems intended for expeditious and exact identification of personal information for public authorities, organizations and certain individuals.
Personal information, depersonalization of data transparency and availability of information, identification of violations, information security, assessment of messages of open information sources, identification of the facts, information system, Federal law «About personal information» (No. 152-FL), the Federal law «About mass media (No. 2124-1-FL), the Federal law «About information, information technologies and information security» (No. 149-FL).

Okrepilov V.V., Saint-Petersburg
Hotel Business Certification Is Desirable
The paper considers the development of Russian hotel business and application of such instruments as standards, hotel categories, and conformity assessment to the category.
Region, spatial development, hotel business, classification, standardization, conformity assessment

Vronskaya E., Novosibirsk
How to Live and to Work as Norwegians
The author tells about visit to Norway and Norwegian management model and discusses the ideas which can be used in Russia.
Norway, management system, employee


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