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№ 10 / 2013 Summary


Kozlovskaya O.V., Akerman E.N., Tomsk
The study of regulatory support for innovation activity in the regions - members of the Association of innovative regions of Russia
The results from the analysis of regulatory support of innovation activity in the regions – members of the Association of innovative regions of Russia were presented, including the evaluation of the completeness of legal regulation, the enforcement and the legal rules coherence. There were revealed the specific features of state support of innovation activity in each region with reference to regulatory device, financial, economic, informational and organizational mechanisms. There was demonstrated the necessity of monitoring system of the regional legislation and formulation of proposals on harmonization of federal and regional regulatory support for innovation activity.
Innovation policy, government support for innovation, regulatory support

Untura G.A., Suslov D.V., Novosibirsk
Development of Small Innovative Firms of Academpark: Futurism or Optimism?
The paper presents an analysis of research innovation capacity of companies Novosibirsk Academpark. Main factors determining the development and growth of small and medium-sized innovative companies are identified.
Innovation potential, resident of Technopark, institutional support, partnership, growth, survey

Sagdeyev R.Z., Tulupov A.A., Korostyshevskaya A.M., Novosibirsk
The International Tomographic Center, SB RAS: in Real Life, There is Nothing More Practical than a Good Theory
Many books and articles have been written about how a science and practice interact. There is also no need to prove that a science influences practice and vice versa – that practice is a driver of any science. The events of their efficient interaction are very likely to be as numerous as the forms and models of such interactions. Whatever a branch of knowledge and sphere of its application are, its basis is a human being who is dissatisfied with today’s situation and capable to improve it in the future. Being not only a point of growth of fundamental studies in chemistry and medicine on the basis of a magnetic resonance method but also a good center of medical diagnostics, the International Tomographic Center is a clear argument for this thesis and against an idea of separating knowledge generation from knowledge application. A boundary line is mobile and unapparent but its basis is creativity but not management.
International Tomographic Center, researcher, studies, personnel, medicine, diagnostics, patient

Samsonov N.Yu., Novosibirsk
Collaboration between universities and corporations: what, for whom, what for?
Participants of the discussion «Models of interactions between universities, corporations and institutes for development» that took place with innovation forum «Interra-2013» on September 7 tried to examine how to break the ice between Russian universities and companies and come to closer cooperation between them.
Interra, innovation management, education, collaboration

Friedman Yu.A., Rechko G.N., Loginova E.Yu., Kritskiy D.V., Pisarov Yu.A., Novosibirsk
Competitive strategies of the coal business in Kuzbass
The detailed analysis of possible strategies for the development of the coal business in the Kuzbass in the context of the prospects for the development of three potential markets for coal products: domestic market, the export of coal and the possible emergence of fundamentally new coal markets are in the article.
Сoal business, markets, strategy, competition, threats, coal clusters

Zorkaltsev V., Trajtenberg M., Ratiner D., Irkutsk, Tel Aviv
Israel: a Mysterious Country
The particle describes the specifics of the State of Israel and its extraordinary economic achievements reached over a short time of its existence. A major part of the article is interview given to ECO by Prof. Trajtenberg, Tel Aviv University, a famous economist and Head of the Trajtenberg Committee (a commission appointed by the Israeli Prime Minister in order to examine and propose solutions to Israel’s socioeconomic problems). The materials for the interview were presented by D. Ratiner, PR Manager, Tel Aviv University.
Israel, socio-economic achievements

Kornilov A.A., Moscow
Russian Gas: Current Challenges and What May be Expected
An object of the discussions of recent years is the domestic gas sector experienced drastic changes taken place in both world markets after ‘the USA shale gas revolution’ and domestic ones where gas prices were regulated until recently. The paper writes about current problems of the RF gas sector and its possible prospects.
Gas, ‘shale gas revolution’, competition, Russia

Kurbatova M.V., Kemerovo
Not Only Wages: Professors of Universities on the Way to Become a Cog in the Education Machine
Institutional analysis of wage system reforming in higher education establishments is fulfilled in the paper. Stages of the reforming are considered as well as it is highlighted the change of bargaining positions of higher education establishments administration and lecturers. The nature of influence of the transit to the principles of effective contract is evaluated as well as external bureaucratic evaluation of higher education establishments performance and lecturers labor is considered.
Wage system, effective contract, lecturer bargaining position

Bezmelnicyn D.A., Artemov A.V, Novosibirsk
Approaches, experience in forming and implementing of development strategy on power machine-building plant
Authors consider methodology, forming of strategic development and practical results in article. All results were received during realizing of key projects related to NGO ELSIB development.
Power plant, strategic development, plant development strategy, modernization

Kalendgyan S.O., Moscow
A Transformed Harzburg Model and Management in Russian Companies
The paper considers theoretical and practical aspects of a Harzburg model (delegation of powers and responsibilities) transformed to be applied to Russian practice. A tool of such transformation is corporate training. The paper analyzes advantages and disadvantages of the model from the perspective of application to Russian companies. A transformed model of delegating powers allows revealing a worker’s innovation potential and the higher quality of domestic companies’ management and competitiveness.
Management model, responsibility, transformation, management

Ezrokh Yu.S., Novosibirsk
«Overheating» of the Russian consumer credit market: who will remain marginal?
This article investigates the problem of «overheating» and the prospects of the domestic consumer credit market; its impact on the economy and on specific borrowers; estimated heterogeneity of the introduction effect of the new regulations for different participants of banking market, analyzes the general and specific risks of default specialized retail banks.
Сonsumer credit, credit market overheating, express loan, high-margin lending, bank, loan, the borrower

Shmakov A.V., Novosibirsk
Optimum Compensation: Efficiency vs Justice
The article has presented economic analysis of compensation. The compensation is not only means of loss replacement, but the price of breaking of a law. The correct calculation of it have an effect on the economic efficiency.
Law and economics; contract law; tort law; compensation

Latysheva A.I., Getashvili I.T., Razumov A.I., Ryazanov S.M., Perm
Agricultural education Urals: Past and Present
The article highlights the problems and directions of development of agricultural education in the Urals region. Historical aspects, conducted a parallel reform of rural education in P.A. Stolypin with current trends in the agricultural vocational education. The analysis of the development of agricultural education in the Urals turn of XX and XXI centuries has been carried out.
Аgricultural education, agrarian reform, AgroProfi, the principles of humanism, advanced educational technologies, high-quality human resources